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Writing news:

No release dates yet, but Mary is currently working on two projects:

Stage Woes: Book 2 in the Youth Theater Adventures

(Finally, right?)

With her love for youth theater, Mary is excited to be working on this theater/time travel series again! In Book 2, the actors are putting on a grand production to raise money for a local foodbank. But everything seems to be going wrong. Then, Shem and TJ are pulled into a mystery surrounding Time Spinner when they discover the principal might be planning on selling Professor Plunkmeyer's invention!

Beach Town
is Book 1 in Mary's next inspirational romance series,
 After the Storm.
"Sometimes going back can be just as painful as leaving in the first place. If Paisley Grant had known that morsel of wisdom three years ago, maybe she wouldn’t have left Beach Town in the first place. Then again, maybe she would have run away sooner."
Mary loves stories about marriage restoration and the journey that couples can take to fall in love with each other again. This new series will explore redemption, marriage reconciliation, and family forgiveness/renewal in the lives of siblings, Paisley, Paige, and Peter--and those they love in Beach Town, Oregon.

Mary has released a marriage journal:

Thoughts of You
His and Her Journal.

Thoughts of You, His and Her Journal for married couples

This journal is a tool to help husbands and wives remember to jot simple notes of love to each other. He writes something he’s been thinking about/to her. Later, she writes something about/to him. With their thoughts written in this journal, the couple can, then, read through the endearing sentiments whenever they want to "see" into their spouse’s heart.

“When I gaze into your eyes, or you smile at me, or we hold hands and talk, I remember ‘us.’ And I'm so thankful we are on this journey together. I love you, and I wanted to tell you ...”

To check out this marriage journal on Amazon, click HERE.
Only available in paperback.

Mary and Jason at the Oregon Coast last fall:

Mary and Jason at the Oregon Coast

Check out Rekindle Your Romance! 50+ dating ideas for married couples:

Check out Rekindle Your Romance!

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Theater news:

No theater news at this time.

Inspirational romance: Second Chance Series by Mary E Hanks

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